Finstad + Cash House

An off-the-grid home high up in the Rocky Mountains in Park County, Colorado.
Off-the-Grid Mountain Home Details



Moore Studio

A net zero energy home in Evergreen, Colorado.
Net-Zero Energy Home Details



Bien + Jackson House

Passive solar addition to a 100 year old, Victorian house in Denver, Colorado.
Passive Solar Victorian Renovation Details




A passive solar remodel in Denver, Colorado.
Outstanding Passive Solar Design Details




Passive solar remodel to a historical home on a beautiful site in Boulder, Colorado.
Energy-Saving Historic Remodel Details




A passive solar remodel in Boulder, Colorado.
Energy Efficient Remodel Details




A custom single-family house with passive solar heating, capturing the hill country views in Austin, Texas.
Passive Solar Home with a View Details



Nomad CoHousing

A mixed-use 11-unit infill co-housing project integrated with a community theater in Boulder, Colorado.
Infill Development Community Details



Highland Terrace

A mixed-use complex permitting of a 56-unit infill housing project with a 70-car below-grade parking garage in Denver, Colorado.
Infill Development in Denver Details



Warehouse Studios

A remodel of an upper floor of a warehouse into art studios, a gallery, and two residences in Berkeley, California.
Sustainable Renovations Details



Southwest Craft Center

A large addition to an art school on the historic riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas.
Green Urban Space Renewal Details