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Doerr Architecture are Colorado based full-service architects serving Boulder County, the Denver Metro, the Rocky Mountains and beyond. They offer expressive ecological design, and specialize in active & passive solar home design and remodeling. Doerr Architecture's founding principal is Thomas Doerr.

Thomas has been creating meaningful buildings since his first internship in 1983. He has designed successful projects as large as hotels and as small as light fixtures. His designs have been published in magazines, received professional awards, and exhibited in galleries. Thomas also teaches architectural design at The University of Colorado.

Thomas was educated in the USA and Europe at excellent schools. After studying in Rome with Temple University and receiving his Bachelor of Architecture degree from UT Austin in 1989, he worked in the Bay Area for a few years, and then earned his post-professional Master of Architecture degree in 1993 from UC Berkeley.

Having traveled most of North America and Europe as well as parts of Asia and Africa studying and creating architecture, Thomas has settled down in his favorite place, Colorado, to practice and teach architecture. After working at firms from Austin to Boston to San Francisco to Germany to Denver, he started his firm at the turn of the millennium to offer prompt, affordable, and personal service. Thomas is a licensed architect and is adept with computer-aided design (CAD) including virtual 3-D modeling.

As an active civic participant and having been appointed to the Downtown Design Advisory Board (DDAB) by the Boulder City Council in 1998 to 2004, Thomas has an insider's understanding of cities' complex approval processes.

Thomas is past chair of the Colorado chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Committee on the Environment. He authored the Green Architecture Checklist for residences and edited the commercial checklist. He helped edit the Rocky Mountain edition of The Sustainable Design Resource Guide.

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The Colorado sustainable home architect specializing in passive solar home design, Doerr Architecture offers meaningful, humane house design. A home architect in Colorado rarely specializes in both expressive and passive solar home design. Of all the sustainable home architects in Denver Colorado metro, Doerr represents a strong committment to passive solar home design. Boulder Colorado sustainable home architect can offer passive solar home design. Thomas or Tom Doerr is past chair of the Colorado chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Committee on the Environment for passive solar home design. Tommy Doerr has worked with a good Denver sustainable home architect. Recent design projects by this Colorado green home architect include the Boulder Co-op Market - Boulder Colorado, the Finch House, passive solar home design -Denver Colorado, the Krueger-Cunningham House - Boulder Colorado, the Troxell-Murphy House a passive solar home design - Boulder Colorado, and the Massage Therapy Center - Steamboat Springs Colorado.