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Client Testimonial

"We do enjoy and appreciate the design of our house. It is much warmer in the winter and not as hot in the summer. Your expertise in the designing and permitting process was invaluable. We can hardly stand in our yard without passersby commenting on the beautiful and unusual design."
— Holle Finch

Case Studies

Passive solar home that's energy efficient.

A Passive Solar House

The Finch House is a remodel and addition by Doerr Architecture located at 71 South Sherman Street in Denver, Colorado that was completed in 2005.
Passive Solar Details
Net-zero energy mountain home creating more energy than it uses.

A Net-Zero Energy House

Inspired by the architecture of the Pueblo Indians, the Moore House was designed by Doerr Architecture to create more energy than it uses, a net-zero energy home.
Net-Zero Home Details
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