Historic architectural elements were used in this urban infill development.Infill developments help preserve a neighborhood's history.Windows would capturing both sunlight and Denver views.Infill development successfully integrating into the neighborhood.

  • Multi-family housing
  • Denver urban infill development
  • Underground parking garage
  • Captures views
Infill development successfully integrating into a Denver, Colorado neighborhood.
This Denver design includes complex permitting of a 56 unit infill housing project with a 70 car below-grade parking garage. Most of the units enliven the streetscape by having their entries directly onto the street. The mass of this large urban infill project was broken down to appear as several smaller buildings so as to not overwhelm the neighborhood. The units range from 850 to 1100 square feet, capture city views, and have access a semi-private courtyard. Designed in collaboration with VMWP. 2000.
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