Clearstory windows bring in more daylight and heat.Passive solar sunspaces act as free furnaces.Passive solar design that doesn't compromise the home's history.Sustainable historic remodel making a beautiful home more energy efficient.

  • Passive Solar Design
  • Excellent Daylighting
  • Natural Convective Cooling
  • Historic Renovation
  • Passive Solar Remodel
Sustainable historic remodel making a beautiful Denver, Colorado home more energy efficient.

The clients had already beautifully restored this 100-year-old Victorian house, but it was an energy hog with no bathroom on the ground level. In addition to making the house more energy efficient, they wanted to update it with a master bathroom, work space and laundry room. Our passive solar remodel inculded a master bath with a steam shower room, extra closet area, with a clearstory bring in beautiful daylight and winter heat and with a private south-facing balcony off of it.

Since we did not want to ruin the look of the original house by changing its walls for energy efficiency, we built a passive solar sunspace that acts as a free furnace for the rest of the house. The sunspace has large southern windows, great concrete and brick thermal mass and inexpensive ducting to the historic parts of the house. The sunspace also doubles as a plant room. 2008.

This house is featured in the video Passive Solar Simplified.

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